Friday, September 6, 2013

Haiku Challenge: Science, Sci-Fi, and Cats

I've been feeling kind of melancholic this week and I think my haiku reflect that. I was also influenced by the latest Margaret Atwood book "MaddAddam" (review to come). So here are this week's haiku.


Will the future split
between gritty and shiny?
Sci-fi metaphors.


Sit doing nothing.
Maybe it is a slow healing.
I'll wake when it's through.


Gathering more words
for my curio cabinet
of better phrases.


Bypassing the pleebs,
The technocratic elite
splice what's left of life.


Two cats sleep under
my wingback chair while I write.
There is peace at last.


My brain's diluted,
lost among the molecules.
Reconstitute me.

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