Wednesday, April 16, 2014

A to Z Challenge: M is for Malapropism

"Illiterate him from your mind!"

"What?" Alice blinked in confusion.

"He has way too much affluence over you." Harley leaned back, smug in her assessment of the situation. "You're letting him create too much dysentery among the ranks."

Alice shook her head. She picked up her tea cup to buy herself enough time to translate Harley's advice.

"So you think I should fire him?"

"I don't know... I mean, he's really plummeted to the top. He's only been there four weeks and already he's practically vile president. But then you didn't hire him to create disorder. You hired him to preserve disorder."

Alice nodded, pretending to understand. She leaned back in her chair, surreptitiously looking around her to see if anyone had overheard. The other outdoor cafe patrons continued their meals, unaware of the stream of unintelligible nonsense coming out of her best friend's mouth.

"Look," Harley said, leaning forward. "You can't ignore that he's a man of great statue. But he's not exactly the pineapple of politeness. What are you going to do? Transact to another job? You've got to stand up for yourself."

Alice nodded, finally understanding the meaning if not the words of her friend's wisdom.

"After all, a rolling stone gathers no moths."

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