Thursday, November 15, 2012

On the Importance of Taking a Break

I know. You're not supposed to take any breaks from writing during Nanowrimo. Oh, the horror! However, my brain gets tired of single-minded focus especially when that focus is super intense. So yesterday, I sat down to write and ... nothing happened. Oh, I wrote a few words and I was already above the day's word count goal when I started, but it just wasn't happening like it had been the last few days. So I stopped.

I've experienced this phenomenon many times. Sometimes I focused too much on math/science subjects and my brain forced me to stop and write a poem. Sometimes I spent too many hours on a pen and ink drawing and my brain commanded me to get up and bake a cake. Yesterday, it ordered me to make something. Anything. So long as it require the use of my hands.

I know. Technically writing is done with your hands, but it's just not the same. So I took a sewing break. 

I bought two white t-shirts a long time ago at a CVS (2 for $5) and had planned on doing something cute with them. Since the move, most of my craft stuff is still in boxes and piled on one side of my studio, but my sewing stuff was fairly easily accessible. I've also recently clean/organized my studio.

I have a desk that I use for writing. It's two-leveled and very convenient. I've also got a small dining table that I used as an interim desk. I set up the desk in front of the window (because that's where I like it) and the table is set to the side, creating an L-shape. This makes it very easy for me to just turn my chair and be at a completely different work space.

So yesterday, I just turned my chair around and spent some time sewing. Here's a pic of my creation!

Please excuse the low-quality and lack of hair/makeup. 

And today, not only do I have an exceedingly cute new shirt, I feel ready to get back to writing. In my experience, it's really easy to burn yourself out on an activity, even if it's one you love, if you don't do anything else at all. I think it's also helpful to give your brain a break and allow it function in a different way. This keeps it (and you) energetic and engaged.

What do you like to do when you take a break?

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