Monday, January 6, 2014

A Beginning

Photo by Robert O'Daniel

At the end of November, my boyfriend and I found out that we would be moving to Denver, CO. After  a month of heartbreak, stress, and disasters, we finally made it. We don't have our own place yet, but Denver is already beginning to feel like home.

I plan on getting a good start on my Classics Project (you can read more about that here) with Albert Camus's The Plague. It took me a while to pick which book I would start with, but really. How could I resist starting with a plague?

I've had a hard time getting into a writing routine. Between finding all new doctors, looking for a job, and living with four other people (I'm an introvert. It gets to me.), I've had a rough time settling in and sometimes it's hard for me to stay optimistic.

I really am excited about living in a new city. I'm excited about the community and the opportunities that will arise. I'm glad to spend time with my family, and I'm grateful for the past two years or so where I didn't have to worry about a job. All good things must come to an end, but now I have a grand opportunity for another beginning.

So I'm looking for a job I'll actually enjoy (libraries, book stores, etc.). I plan to start school again in the fall (spring at the absolute latest). And hopefully, I'll be able to get a solid start on my new book.

So here's to a new year in a new place with new people and bright, shiny new goals. Let's hope it's a great one.

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