Saturday, September 22, 2012

Write Wherever You Are

Where am I? In a hotel room a long ways away from my desk. My writing teacher, William Bernhardt, emphasizes the importance of writing every day. He also stresses the dangers of rituals. Writing rituals that is.  It's not good to require too many specifics in order to write. 

For instance. "I can't write without . . . ." I can't write without a hot cup of coffee/tea. I can't write unless I'm at my own desk. I can't write without my super special writing cat (though I do miss my cat). Et cetera. 

As a writer, it's best to be able to write wherever you are. These rituals can devolve into nothing more than excuses for not writing. And as a life long practitioner of the procrastination arts, that's all too easy for me. So here I am in a hotel room writing a blog instead of working on my book.

Tell me, how do you get in the mood to write?

1 comment:

  1. I cozy up at the little desk in the corner of my kitchen, open my computer and enter the zone. the car waiting for my kids to finish school, football, band, you get the idea. OR down at the pond watching them try to drown each other. I try to carve out consistent writing time while they're at school, but I have to be careful or the house starts to fall down while my mind and my pen are somewhere deep in the Pacific Ocean :)